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Our Curriculum

Notre Dame's Program of Studies is geared towards college preparation; 98% of Notre Dame graduates have continued their formal education in a two or four

year college. While Notre Dame follows the prescribed Course of Study which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires of all certified schools, our graduates must meet additional academic standards that exceed those mandated by the Commonwealth. Many electives are available.

  • Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to enroll in Honors and AP English Courses.

  • Honors Courses are offered in our five year Math Program beginning in our Grade 8 with Algebra I and concluding with Calculus in Senior Year.

  • Science Electives include Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and AP Biology.

  • Qualified students are invited to participate in our 3 year Latin program which begins their Freshman year.

  • All students must successfully complete 2 years of a modern foreign language.

  • The Theology program spans Grades 7 - 12 and includes an annual retreat Program. All students are required to complete service hours. The Theology curriculum is prescribed by the Scranton Diocese.  All students regardless of church affiliation, are required to study Theology while attending Notre Dame.

  • Students have access to high speed internet on their school issued chromebooks.

  • Our computer lab and library also provide all Notre Dame students with internet access on our monitored network. Effective use of the internet as a research tool is incorporated in the 7th Grade Library Science curriculum. 

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